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Miniature Star Wars Photography by Zahir Batin

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New York-based artist Thomas Doyle creates beautifully detailed and thoroughly unsettling mixed media dioramas using models and materials originally made for model train sets. Houses fall from the sky and crash into the earth, creating dystopian suburban scenes. Elsewhere another home and its residents have been completely reclaimed by nature. However Doyle is not trying to tell specific tales with these scenes. Instead he leave the interpretation up to the viewer. Choose your own (disastrous) adventure.

Doyle is currently showing work at the Torrance Art Museum as part of the Prep School: Prepper and Survivalist ideologies and utopianism/dystopian visions show, which runs through May 15, 2014.

Click here for a bref video about Thomas Doyle and his haunting dioramas.

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Miniature paper violets, made from a kit.


Miniature paper violets, made from a kit.

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