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Japanese Soft Drink Commercial Featuring a Super Detailed 1/48 Scale Model Kitchen

To promote their new Salt & Fruit soft drink line, Kirin released this commercial featuring a highly detailed 1/48 scale model kitchen in a soft drink bottle. They also created an office, fruit stand, and other dioramas for the campaign.

-Laughing Squid

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Flowers for delivery


I was working on this piece as a gift for my friend whom I’ve known for close to 9 years! How time flies! We were ex-colleagues and after we both left the company, we continued to keep in touch.

I’m not sure how she will react to this, but she was the first person I could think of when I saw a miniature vespa bike. In my mind, she had to have one. :)


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Gatchina Palace Egg - House of Faberge


Gatchina Palace Egg - House of Faberge


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